About Us


MAONENG Australia is proud to be the developer of this major renewable energy project, set to be one of Australia’s largest utility scale Solar PV power plant.

MAONENG is an Australian Chinese Group with the core business of being a developer, long term owner and operator of quality Solar PV assets, critical for powering a sustainable world.

Since 2010, the founders of MAONENG have had the vision and ambition to be a respected global leader for delivering sustainable energy solutions for commercial, industrial and government clients.

Having a strong track record for financing, developing and delivering solar energy projects in Australia, we have worked with strong partners such as Fortune 500 company AVIC International Holding Corporation.

Being a developer, owner and operator of the renewable energy generation, the leadership team have delivered over 100MW of solar energy solutions. MAONENG’s development pipeline comprises of approximately 2000 MW of utility & industrial scale solar energy projects across the APAC region.